The view from the observation deck of the Washington Monument

Washington Monument is 169 meter (555 feet) tall, and it towers over other buildings of relatively low state capital.
Since Washington does not have a Ferris wheel, climbing to the top of the Monument (also free) is the chance to see the city in all its glory from a bird’s-eye view.

In general, the entire city is oriented strictly from north to south and from east to west and looks like a grid. Houses and buildings in Washington can hardly be called beautiful; they are just square boxes with windows.
However, the monument area is packed with museums, memorials, historical buildings and other iconic places that every tourist plans to visit.

Pictures below depict the view from the observation deck of the Monument. Due to high popularity of the place, many people visit the building and the access to the viewing windows and the time allowed to be on the deck are very limited; consequently, not all the angles could be captured.

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On the top level, you can find out about the history of the building and the size of the memorial


The cutaway model of the monument shows the inside of the building and the elevator which takes the visitors to the upper level


Northwest view. You can see Lincoln Memorial on the left and the White House on the right


Southwest view. You can see a tidal pool, a lake created for the removal of excess water during high tide; it is quite shallow, only 3 meters in depth. Behind the lake you can see Potomac River, which creates a border between Washington, District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) and Virginia. You can see on the right, at the end of the channel, a corner of Lincoln Memorial. On the left side of the river, at a distance, you can see Pentagon


West view photo. You can see Lincoln Memorial and Potomac River, and on the foreground — the National World War II Memorial


On this photo, you can see the White House behind the oval field


George Washington himself: «My whole life has been dedicated to the service of my country …»

In conclusion, I would like to add few words about the monument:
It was built a long time ago, in the nineteenth century, more than one hundred and twenty years ago.

Given that the US is a little older than 200 years, it can be said, that the monument was created almost at the dawn of the country’s history..
The construction started in 1848, and it took 36 years to build the memorial. At that time, the Monument was the tallest building in the world. Even though, the title was lost to later constructions, it is still an impressive and significant structure.

To get inside the monument, you need to buy a ticket at the booth. Come early in the morning, so that you can cover as much possible; you can get a ticket not only for yourself, but for your friends as well. You don’t have to visit the whole monument at once; you can always come back and take a tour, and climb on top of the tower to enjoy the beautiful view.

To get to the top, you can take an elevator or the stairs, the latter of course is almost never used. The elevator has a capacity of 20 people at the time and the whole process from the ground level to the observational deck, where you can admire the view of Washington, is fully coordinated by Monument employees.


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